Saturday, April 19, 2008

Senior Prom and Spring Play

Tonight was Rachael's Senior Prom. She looked stunning!!! Earlier in the day she was trying on her dress after I took in the sleeves a little, (And made the darling purse to go with it) and I said to Andrew. Doesn't Rachael look pretty? He said the cutest thing. He said, "Well, Yeah. ( in that "daa" tone of voice) and then he said, "but she is still my sister."

Notice the cute purse in this one

Rachael and her main man, DAD

The six girlfriends. I can't believe that Rachael is graduating in less than a month. Where did the past 18 years go? Seriously.


Andrew was in a class play a couple of days ago. He was the storyteller. Here is a cute picture of him doing his part. The play was called "The Scared Little Rabbit."

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Here is goes

So here I go with posting. I hope that it works.

We went to Life Alaska Family Gathering last month. It is in honor of those that donated the gift of life through organ donation. Our baby Hyrum donated his heart valves, even though they couldn't use them, except for to learn more about how Myocarditis might affect tiny heart valves. The first picture was Hyrum's display at the gathering this year. The second picture is the beautiful quilt block that my dearest pal Jen Wood made for the Life Alaska Memory Quilts. This will be our last year in Alaska, and wanted to donate the quilt block this year. It is an Indian quilt pattern after his American Indian heritage. The material represents both his African American Culture, and the white represents his Alaska Native Aluet Culture. There is a tiny Salt Lake Temple where he was sealed to our family 5 years ago yesterday, and a tiny pacifier. (He did so love his pacifiers)


As usual, just when we think it might be spring, and things are thawing out, it snows in April here. Here are some pictures of the snowman Andrew sand I made today after Conference. We decided to let him wear many different hats. The long arms are what Andrew called "Wackers" They are whips like Indiana Jones uses. Maybe he can wack the ravens away that come to eat his raisen eyes.